Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tjuvholmen’s Masterplan

Tjuvholmen lays on the west side of 'Pipervika', the inner harbour of the Oslo fjord and is the natural extension of Aker Brygge. Tjuvholmen is actually composed by 3 islands: Akerodden (the closest from Aker Brygge, mixed use area), Tjuvholmen (mostly residential) and Skjæret/Holmen (reserved for a park and cultural areas). The master-plan competition was won in 2002 by Niels Torp Arkitekter. Since then, Selvaag Gruppen and Aspelin-Ramm gruppen have been responsible for the construction of the several buildings. The design of the different buildings was given to different offices and the ones located in Akerodden are finished and have been up for sale since 2005 .

Akerodden, the first island of Tjuvholmen has an area of 2.1 hectares, supporting 83,000m² of development, consisting of a hotel, residential apartments, shops, restaurants, cafes and offices. The site is crossed by one main avenue (Tjuvholmen Alle) and 2 smaller streets, intersecting to make the main plaza (Olav Selvaags Plass) and creating 4 different sectors. The connection to Aker Brygge is made through 2 bridges which link public spaces on both sides: a promenade on the fjord side and squares on the inner side. On the south limit of the island was created a sunny green area with a privileged view to the fjord.
The vertical organization of the buildings (with an average of 11 floors) follows a traditional composition: shopping and restaurants on the ground floor, offices on the middle floors and residential on the top floors.

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