Monday, 25 October 2010

The European Prize for Architecture 2010 goes to Bjarke Ingels

The winner of the European Prize for Architecture will this year be delivered to the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels (1974) and it will be formally presented during “The City and The World: Madrid Symposium” November 4-7, 2010.

The European Architecture Prize is established by The European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum and it has as a purpose to honor a living architect whose built work demonstrates vision, talent and a body of work that has significant contributions to art and humanity.

According to the press release from the European Centre, Bjarke Ingels “advocates for architecture to be taught in public schools alongside science and mathematics. He has broken Denmark’s good-old boy network challenging a constipated establishment to think outside a boring box. He is challenging Europe’s mundane status quo. He is also a leading force in Europe’s Green Architecture movement producing astonishing and exemplary works of sustainable design. He has inspired Europe’s emerging young generation—of which he is apart—to push for new architecture beyond the pale fringe.”

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  1. read his book "yes is more" ...hes such a horrible architect. just a marketing guy who works for the builder. Europe must be crazy to award him. Its the death of architecture when all the agendas the modernists put on the table have been forgotten and what remains is neither social cause nor artistry just lame marketing. Architecture is surely dead.