Sunday, 24 October 2010

Conditions – issue 5/6 2010

The latest number of the Scandinavian magazine dedicated to architecture and urbanism is out and this time devoted to the subject “Politics of quality management” in a special double issue.
The starting point for this number is the meaning of quality in Architecture. And the discussion can turn to different levels according to who’s involved, from a more objective  point of view (technical and functional qualities) to a more subjective one (spatial, aesthetic or formal qualities). The second question is who’s actually capable of defining and judging quality in architecture: the experts and academics (architects, city planners, etc) or the “democratic way” (through the general public and politicians)? And the final question how to evaluate quality in architecture? Through more regulations, creating an even more totalitarian system?
To try to find the answers to some of these questions is worth reading the interview with Jensen Skodvin, the article “Architectural policy for the city of Oslo”, also the article “The killing machine”, by Bruno Alves about the incredible decreasing of apartments’ sizes in Oslo and the very interesting “Young Architecture – A critic of a built Norwegian institution” by Mathias Harang.

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