Sunday, 29 January 2012


Since 2010 the Norwegian publisher PAX has been issuing the collection asBUILT, where in each 100 pages or so volume a significant building, built in recent years, is presented.
asBUILT makes a different approach to the building in question and instead of offering us a photo album of glossy pictures, give us the drawings. From the general plans, sections and facades until technical details and even furniture, each volume allows a good understanding of the project since its functional organization until very specific construction aspects. Personally, it would have been interesting to follow the conceptual drawings from the initial stages of the project until it got to the more concrete and “final” building, but somehow that is done by an introduction essay (in english) where the principles and concepts are generally explained. The book gets complete with a few pages with pictures, making the connection between the abstraction of the drawings and a sense of spatiality of the building.

So far 6 volumes have been published (9 more are suppose to come):
#1 Pålsbu Hydro Power station by Manthey Kula
#2 House Kollstrøm/ Østberg by Knut Hjeltnes Sivilarkitekter
#3  Østfold University College by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
#4 Farm House by Jarmund / Vigsnæs
#5 Lanternen by Atelier Oslo
#6 Summerhouse by Arne Henriksen Arkitekter

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